YOUR GLOBAL UV GRP SOLUTIONS PROVIDER Reline America is now part of the Reline UV Group MADE IN THE USA Strong American Trenchless Solutions For Strong American Infrastructure ISO 9001:2015
Manufacturing facility ensures durable, dependable products
See what Alphaliner® Glass Reinforced Pipe can offer you
JUST FOR YOU Our lining equipment rigs, support vehicles and equipment are designed and built to suit each customer's specific requirements and budget DIVERSE APPLICATIONS Rehabilitate and protect pipes from 6" to 72" in diameter in any shape.
Stop sewer-main infiltration and inflow with trenchless technology, featuring ultraviolet-light cured, glass-reinforced pipe (UV GRP) liners.
Renew and protect pipelines and other critical infrastructure assets with state-of-the-art liners, field-validated for reliability.
Add 50-plus years to the life cycle of aging culverts and other drainage-control structures – and with minimal disruption.
Special Apps
Revitalize process pipes with corrosion-free custom liners, available in many diameters and shapes, including circular, ovoid and rectangular.


Made in the United States of America in an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System facility in Virginia, ALPHALINER® is engineered to perform and designed for risk management.


We know time is money, so our custom-built equipment and comprehensive training makes ALPHALINER® user-friendly, which leads to more efficient – and profitable – installations.


A single source supplier for both equipment and liners reduce the chance of installation issues.


Recommend corrosion-free ALPHALINER® with confidence, thanks to our Quality Tracking System™ that monitors and records ALL critical aspects of installation.


Eco-friendly ALPHALINER® doesn’t release styrene condensate; plus installation is quieter, uses less energy and emits minimal air-borne odor.

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Our UV GRP liners are thinner than conventional felt liners, yet significantly stronger – with no cumbersome, on-site “wet-out” process required.


Our cutting-edge equipment, which includes the innovative Quality Tracker System™, is customized to meet your specifications – and needs.


Need extra equipment for a large project? No problem – we offer an inventory of rental equipment for certified installers.


Tackling a highly specialized pipe-lining project? We back you up with technical and project-design support provided by our in-house experts.

The Reline America Advantage

Our UV GRP liners are phenomenally stronger compared to other lining systems, plus they’re easier to install and include built-in quality-control measures.

With real-time 24/7 remote support and on-site assistance from our very own field-service managers, we help you succeed.

From marketing materials and lunch-and-learn sessions to trade shows and on-site demos for prospective customers, our specialists are ready to serve you.

Founded in 2005, we are the leading North American manufacturer of UV GRP liners with more than 12 million feet installed globally and over two million feet installed in North America – and counting.

Our liners and installation equipment are produced right here in America, in Saltville, Virginia.

We provide certified training at our Virginia facility, followed by further assistance on-site during actual installations.

To find out more about the stringent testing and quality-control measures that make ALPHALINER® the correct choice for your next pipe-rehabilitation project, click here or call 866-998-0808.