Installation–Simple, Not Complex

The process of installing liners can be complicated and fraught with risk.But our customized equipment, coupled with our proprietary Quality Tracking System™, make ALPHALINER® ultraviolet-light cured, glass-reinforced pipe (UV GRP) liners easier to install. The results are simple to see: greater efficiency and profitability, minimal risk-management concerns and less community disruption. ALPHALINER® – engineered to perform.
The Light Train is a Vital part of the Quality Tracker System™️. In addition to curing the liner, the front and rear mounted cameras are used to inspect the Alphaliner® prior to curing. Along with video inspection prior to curing, the Quality Tracker System™️ assures consistency and makes it simple to verify that the liner complies with all design specifications.
Network of Installers
Reline America offers asset owners a national network of fully trained and certified installers. They’ll make sure your ALPHALINER® performs as promised – delivers a safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to renewing and protecting your underground infrastructure.
Qualified to Deliver Quality
ALPHALINER® installation technicians receive comprehensive training and certification at our production facility in Saltville, Virginia. From classroom sessions to in-the-field, hands-on experience, they learn all aspects of installations, as well as how to use the equipment we specifically design for ALPHALINER®. Annual refresher courses also are available.
Here’s How ALPHALINER® Works
For more information about how our certified installers can add value to your asset-preservation efforts, either click here or call 866-998-0808.

What’s in It for You?

Becoming a certified ALPHALINER® installer could be a game-changing business opportunity for you and your company. If you’re currently working in the pipe-rehabilitation or construction industry and want to expand your trenchless-technology capabilities, we’re interested in talking to you. Here are some factors to consider…

Huge Market Potential
Experts estimate that America needs $150 billion worth of improvements to sewer and water infrastructure, and cured-in-place pipe-lining already is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry.
Financial Opportunities
When done correctly and efficiently, pipe-lining service provides virtually unlimited earning potential, with projects that offer good profit margins.
Differentiation Factor
Using advanced technology like our ALPHALINER®, designed for successful installations and made in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility, sets you apart from competitors who can’t offer the same quality controls.
Business Diversity
Successful business diversity by offering customers as many solutions as possible. ALPHALINER® gives you another tool in your repertoire – and creates another revenue stream, too.
Certified Training
We provide you with comprehensive training that ensures you can do jobs right. That earns you repeat business and by using a high quality product.
Customized Equipment
We design our installation equipment to fit your specific needs and budget. Furthermore, using equipment that integrates seamlessly with our ALPHALINER® product sets you up for success.
24/7 Field Support
Our support doesn’t end after training. We also stand behind you when you’re out working in the field by providing around-the-clock, on-site technical support.
Marketing Support
We help you spread the word about ALPHALINER® with an array of marketing tools, ranging from brochures and on-site demonstrations to lunch-and-learn sessions as well as regional and national trade shows.

Let’s Talk Business
If you’re a savvy trenchless-technology entrepreneur who’s interested in expanding your services into the lucrative market for UV GRP Liners, we’d like to hear from you. Please email us at or call us at our offices in Saltville, VA at 866-998-0808.