UV GRP Equipment

Designed For Ease Of Use


Contractors know full well that time is money. We do, too, which is why we customize our equipment. That makes installing our ALPHALINER® ultraviolet-light cured, glass-reinforced pipe (UV GRP) liner a totally user-friendly process – with risk-management and profitability top-of-mind.

Deterring Failed Installs

Fully automated and computerized controls are built into the installation equipment on our curing-operations trucks, which help technicians follow the proper curing-process protocols.


Engineered for Success

Our innovative Quality-Tracker System, which allows installation crews to control how the ALPHALINER® cures, is game-changing technology that puts us a step ahead of the competition. This system allows installers to see how the liner is conforming to a pipe and fix potential defects before the liner cures. And during the curing process, automated computer controls in our installation equipment guide installers through each and every step, providing full protocols for critical factors such as light temperatures and how fast the light train travels. The end result: A system that minimizes risk and maximizes the chances for a properly cured liner. Here are some of the key components.

Built-in closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera provides installers with a live video feed inside the liner prior to the start of curing.

Quality assurance is built into the framework of our installation equipment. These controls help facilitate smooth, successful installations and reduce the possibilities of human error.

The Quality-Tracker System enables faster installations because the levels of ultra-violet light are constantly monitored and adjusted. As such, the light train delivers the optimal amount of light intensity and wavelength for just the right amount of time required for proper curing.

The ALPHALINER® system’s ultra-violet lightbulbs are central to the curing process. Our lights are tuned and optimized to the photo-initiator system employed in our resin systems and can be adjusted to various wattage levels. This enables installers to adjust to varying pipe diameters and geometries.

State-of-the-art touch-screen controls display all vital installation information, which is captured by QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM software in real-time during the curing process. This information includes temperatures (monitored by infrared sensors and a thermocouple built into the light train); air pressure inside the pipe, which assures the liner remains fully expanded throughout the curing process; and the speed of and distance traveled by the light train.

If the installation crew encounters an issue on the project site, our 24/7 Support Team can remotely access the curing equipment to assist for successful installation.

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